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We can help, whether you need a security guard for short or long term, our security services are second to none.

  • Same day security
  • Uniformed SIA staff
  • GPS, realtime monitoring
  • Proof of service
  • Remote view bodycams
  • Cost effective solutions
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It takes less than 30 seconds to get information to get you peace of mind.

Some of our clients

Get expert security advice

Our years in providing security services has given us the experience in many scenarios, don't buy a spanner if you have sprung a leak, get a in touch with a tradesman, and get advice. Call us on 0800 242 5113.

We provide security to companies big and small, depening on the security concern, we are able to immediately deploy any one of the following security services.

  • Manned security guard
  • Man with a security guard dog
  • Empty property alarm
  • Construction Security
  • Residential Patrol Guards
  • Temporary security

Reduce your risk

Break and entering crime, causes more problems than the initial break in - the cost of the clean up, loss of business, loss of data, can be far more damaging and exspensive.

"having Portland Security team on site, not only gave us peace of mind but also helped with managing visitors and contractors, we used their records to cross reference with contractors invoices"
John Waltham, Vinci Construction
"We called Portland Security to provide us with man and dog security to protect our site as we have had travellers in the area, they were very prompt and we were the only business, that didn't get travellers on our site"
IKEA, Croydon

Crime Rates Increasing

It is a sad fact, that falling economy, whether or not Brexit is to blame, has meant cut backs everywhere, not only affecting the poorest and those most likely to commit crime but also, in the Police force, the most visible deterrent. First with police stations closing down, then with a reduction of police on the beat and most recently and disturbing that some crimes are simply not going to be investigated.

To get advice and security call 0800 242 5113

How We Can Help

Prevention is better than cure. We provide manned and umanned security measures to pro-actively protect you and your investments, construction site, building sites, office building, residentials estates and so on. Call 0800 242 5113 to get security.

Man And Dog

Highest Deterent

We provide an SIA licenced security guards with a trained guard dog, can be more effective than 3 or more security guards, and provided in a marked or unmarked vehice.

Manned Security Guard


A uniformed SIA security guard, in your premises, providing visual deterent, active in reception, concierge and access control, can work as a member of your team.

Unmanned Security

Early Notification

We have rapid deployable battery operated wireless alarm systems and CCTV, they can be used externally and are a cost effective way to monitor activity on remote sites.

Our Security Service

We have tailor made our security services around regular requests and deliver a service to meet your requirements, for more information call us on 0800 242 5113.

SIA Licensed Security Guards

All of our security guards are licenced by the SIA, they have been trained and we carry out additional training, counter terroist awarness, and rare fully insured to carry out security work.

Professional Service

We pride our selves on being able to deliver a timely, professional security and full featured security service, that utilise the latest technolgy to deliver a solution.

Fully Monitored

We carefully manage all our security jobs, we monitor our staff, using GPRS and GPS as well as use real time monitoring, we can be sure that patrols and service is delivered as required

Risk-Free Service

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our service, you can trial them risk free. We have been providing security services for since 2005 and are able to provide a service that will meet your expectations.

Contact us now

It takes less than 30 seconds to get information to get you peace of mind.

Don't Delay

If you have a genuine concern about an unsecure site, or feel you should put security in place. Get in touch with us now to see how we can help, you will be surprised how easy and cost effective it is to get security in place.

  • Competitive Quotes
  • Uniformed SIA staff
  • Fast Service
  • Proof of service
  • Remote view bodycams
  • Cost effective solutions


If you have a question that is not answered below or need security call us on 0800 242 5113 to get advice or security.

How long would it take to get security?

If the situations requires, we are able to deploy a security in as little as 2hrs. We have a standard set of access controlled protocols, that we could adapt, and carry out a risk assessment and have security onsite.

How much does security cost?

Depending on what type of security that you need, man guarding, man and dog or cctv. The length of time you require security are all factors in arriving at a price, we can usually provide price indications over the phone.

Are man and dog legal?

There are strict laws surrounding using security guard dogs, providing that the strict laws are adhered to, it is perfectly legal, however be sure to use a company aware of the law.

What does risk free mean?

Usually contracting a company to provide security services would certainly mean being tied into a fixed period contract, which is a great risk if your service provided does't perform well?

Do you have minimum hours?

No. Some of our clients who use our services, only need a security guard to open up and close their offices, helping their staff feel more security when the arrive early or leave late?

Do you have a minimum duration?

Again no. We have provided security to companies who require short term security whilst they have had a break-in or cover an event, do get security in place, contact our offices, we can help.?

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